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Phil's Krupnik Recipe

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Evan's Pump Box

Bottling Beer From Kegs

History of the IPA Style

Club Wort's Library

Volume Title Author/Edited By Date
Analysis of Brewing Techniques Principles of Brewing Science George J. and Laurie Fix 1997
Beer and Brewing Volume # 8 National Conference on Quality Beer and Brewing Virgine Thomas 1988
Beer and Brewing Volume # 10 National Conference on Quality Beer and Brewing Tracy Loysen 1990
Beer and Brewing Volume # 11 National Conference on Quality Beer and Brewing Tracy Loysen 1991
Beer and Brewing Volume # 12 National Conference on Quality Beer and Brewing Tracy Loysen 1992
Beer and Good Food Over 100 recipes that use beer Bob and Coleen Simmons 1997
Beer and Wine Production Analysis, Characterization and Technological Advances Barry Gump and David Pruett 1993
Beer Lover's Rating Guide Over 1,200 Alphabetical Listings Bob Klein 1993
Brew Your Own British Real Ale Recipes for more than 100 Brand-Name Real Ales Graham Wheeler & Roger Protz 1998
Brewing Lager Beer The Most Comprehensive Book for Home &Microbrewers Gregory J. Noonan 1986
Brewing Mead Beverage of Kings, Easy, Step-by-step Instructions Robert Gayre & Charlie Papazian 1986
Brewing the Word's Great Beers Step-Step-Guide Dave Miller 1992
Brew Ware How to Find, Adapt & Build Homebrewing Equipment Karl Litzen & Mark Stevens 1996
Classic Beer Styles Series # 1 Pale Ale Foster 1990
Classic Beer Styles Series # 2 Continental Pilsener David Miller 1089
Classic Beer Styles Series # 3 Lambic Guinard 1990
Classic Beer Styles Series # 4 Vienna Fix 1991
Classic Beer Styles Series # 5 Porter Terry Forester 1992
Classic Beer Styles Series # 6 Belgian Ale Rajotte 1992
Classic Beer Styles Series # 7 German Wheat Ale Eric Warner 1992
Classic Beer Styles Series # 8 Scotch Ale Gregory Nooman 1993
Classic Beer Styles Series # 9 Bock Darryl 1994
Classic Beer Styles Series # 10 Stout Lewis 1994
Classic Beer Styles Series # 11 Barly Wine Allen & Cantewll 1999
Classic Beer Styles Series #12 Altbier Horst Dornbusch 1998
Classic Beer Styles Series # 13 Kolsch Eric Warner 1998
Classic Beer Styles Series # 14 Brown Ale Ray Daniels & Jim Parker 1998
Classic Beers of Belgium Douglas & Perdelinksky 1996
Complete Handbook of Homebrewing Equipment, Ingredients, Methods and 55 Recipes Dave Miller 1988
Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide Everything you need to know to make great-tasting beer Dave Miller 1995
Designing Great Beers Copy # 1 The Ultimate Guide to Brewing classic Beer Styles Ray Daniels 1996
Designing Great Beers Copy # 2 The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles Ray Daniels 1996
The Essentials of Beer Styles A Catalog of Beer Styles & Beer Enthusiasts Fred Eckhardt 1989
Fearless Brewing The Beer Maker's Bible Brian Kunath 1998
Fifty Great Homebrewing Tips Practical Brewing Tips and Techniques David Wiesberg 1994
The History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago 1833 to 1978 Bob Skilnik 1999
The History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago Volume II, 1833 to 1978 Bob Skilnik 2001
The Home Brewer's Companion Essential Handbook Charlie Papazian 1994
Homebrewer's Favorites Lutzen & Stevens 1994
Homebrewer's Garden How to Grow Hops, Malt and Herbs Fisher 1998
Homebrewer's Gold Prize-Winning Recipes from the 1996 World Beer Cup Competition Charlie Papazian 1997
Home Brewing for Americans Mastering the art of Brewing American and European type beer David Miller 1981
Homegrown Hops An Illustrated How-To-Do-It Manual David Beach 1988
How To Build A Small Brewery Draft Beer In Ten Days Bill Owens 1992
More Homebrew Favorites Lutzen & Stevens 1997
The New World Guide to Beer World History Beer Guide Michael Jackson 1988
Pocket Guide to Beer The Connoisseur's Companion To Over 1,000 Beers of the World Michael Jackson 1993
Premier Beer A Guide to America's Best Bottled Microbrews Elaine Louie 1996
Principles of Brewing Science Science of Brewing George Fix 1998
Stephen Beaumont's Brewpub Cookbook 100 Great Recipes from 30 Famous North American Brewpubs Stephen Beaumont 1998
Sweet & Hard Cider Proulix & Nichols 1980
Using Hops Garetx 1994
Victory Beer Recipes AHA Recipes James Spence 1994
Video: Beginning Brewing Midwest Brewing Supplies (VHS)
Zymurgy Magazine 1994 - 1999 Various Copies when Club Wort had a free subscription

Club Wort Equipment Inventory

Current as of 9/23/2012

CW - Club Wort Owned; EH - On Loan from Elliot Hamilton; RS - On Loan from Ralph Schneider

12-Gallon Boilers6
12- Gallon Hot Water Tanks3
30-lb Grain Capacity Mash Tuns4
120-lb Grain Capacity Mash Tun1
Chillers: Thermenator plate type &
1 Chillzilla counterflow
1 each
Regular Burners5
Banjo Burner (High Output)1
Natural Gas Burner1
Grain Mills2
Hop Bags6
Electrical Box2
Water Station (Box)2
Mash Paddle2
Beer Gun1
CP Filler1
Wort Re-heater2
55- gallon SS Drum Wort Combiner
Various insulated jackets,
lids and 2 water hoses
O2 System (no tanks)

For reference, the following equipment list covers what is needed for a 10 gallon all-grain batch

  • Grain Mill
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Boiler
  • Mash Tun
  • Pump
  • Chiller
  • Refractometer
  • Burner
  • Electrical Box
  • Water Station
  • Hop Bag
  • Mash Paddle
  • Lid
  • Insulated Jacket

Chicago Area Brew Supplies

Brew & Grow

176 W Terra Cotta Ave
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

359 W. Irving Park Road
Roselle, IL 60172

(Members get a 10% discount on all non-hardware purchases.)

What's Brewing?
335 W Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL 60067

Crystal Lake Health Food Store
25 E. Crystal Lake Ave.
Crystal Lake IL, 60014

Bev Art Homebrew & Wine Making Supply
10033 S. Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60643

The Brewer's Coop
30w315 Calumet Ave
Warrenville, IL 60555

Home Brew Shop Ltd.
225 West Main Street
St. Charles, IL 60174

Phil's Krupnick Recipe

   3 pounds (4 cups)
   2 teaspoons   Vanilla extract   
   2 cups   Water   
   1 teaspoons   ground cloves   
   2 teaspoons   ground cinnamon   
   1 teaspoons   ground nutmeg   
   1 Large   lemon, sliced ¼" thick, then in half   
   1½ cups   Grain Alcohol (190 proof, Everclear)   
   1½ cups   Brandy   
    Cinnamon Sticks   

    Combine Water & Honey in sauce pan
    Boil for 20 minutes (skim foam from top)

    Add cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon, simmer for 20 minutes.

    Add 3 cinnamon sticks
    Remove from heat, allow to cool.

    Add Vanilla

    Add 1 cup grain alcohol
    Add 1 cup brandy
    Mix and place in 2 liter sada bottle (include all spices and lemon)
    Add more grain alcohol & brandy to top the bottle off.

    Let the mixture 'age' for 2 months, at room temperature.
    Shake it to mix when you can.

    Do not mix for the last 2 weeks to let the spices settle to bottom.

    Decant mixture. (Note: Lemon Peel can be chocolate coated!) Mix in additional brandy and grain alcohol and/or water to obtain desired 'kick', proof and thickness (Optionally, place back into bottle, and allow spices to settle again for 2 weeks)

    (Also, the 'sludge' at the bottom of the original container can have some brandy added to it, mixed and then settled for one additional week.  Decant off the clear liquid and add to the originally decanted mixture.)

    Taste and adjust mixture with additional brandy. Place in dispensing bottles and add 1 cinnamon stick.

    Allow to 'age' an additional 2+ weeks before serving.

Evan's Pump Box

Bottling Beer From Kegs

History of the IPA Style

CLUB WORT meets at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of most months at
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(located in the heart of beautiful downtown Palatine, IL)
Call Tap House at (847) 934-3000 or click here for directions.

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