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Club Wort Photo Albums

Dec 2014: Club Wort Christmas Party

Nov 2013: Maibock and Scotch Ale Brew-In

Apr 2013: Double Decoction Dopplebock Brew-In

Jan 2013: Pub Crawl

May 2012: Club Meeting

April 2012: Club Brew-In

April 2012: Club Meeting

March 2012: Club Meeting

February 2012: Club Meeting

January 2012: Club Brew-In

January 2012: Club Meeting

January 2010: City Pub Crawl

October 2009: Whiskey Barrel Brew-in

October 2005: Milwaukee Pub Crawl

June 2003: General Meeting

March 2003: Beer Tasting at Emmett's

January 2003: METRA Pub Crawl

December 2002: Winter Holiday Dinner Party

December 2002: Whiskey Ale Brew-in

November 2002: Whiskey Stout Brew-in

CLUB WORT meets at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of most months at
Tap House Grill
(located in the heart of beautiful downtown Palatine, IL)
Call Tap House at (847) 934-3000 or click here for directions.

Club Wort Logo

If you are interested in attending a club meeting, CLUB WORT
would like to hear from you. Send an e-mail to clubwort@gmail.com .

Updated 2/12/17